Nikki Noffsinger

    Where passion breathes in the shadows...
                                  and seduction can be deadly...


"A man’s life is a circle from childhood to childhood, and thus it is in everything where the power moves."

A Lakota Sioux (Teton Sioux) Proverb by Black Elk

Lahni Wahpeton is her family’s wild child. Like her parents and siblings, Lahni is a shifter from a long line of proud Lakota Sioux wolf shifters, and she is powerful in her own right. She came home to help her family defeat an ancient evil. As soon as she can tie up loose ends with her family, she’s heading back on the road and far from Shiloh Red Cloud, the man who broke her heart years ago.

Shiloh knows he broke Lahni’s heart, but he’s not about to let go of her now. Lahni is fiercely protective over her independence but more so of her heart, and she won’t be locked into a cage.

Lahni and Shiloh won’t just be fighting the past and igniting their own passion; but they will have to battle against a treachery that is centuries old that threatens their very lives. 

Cursed Awakening is my first in a series of shifter books; books about those who are one with their animal spirits. This book was a labor of love since it combined my love of Native American lore and heritage and a female lead character that finds her inner strength against tremendous odds that are horrifying. I loved researching and the writing of this book and other than it being a paranormal romance it is a first for me.


About the Book:

Ivy Morgan has re-invented herself and is looking forward to the future for the first time, in a very long time. Since fleeing for her life from an overzealous religious cult, she is able to be a modern woman that is gaining her independence; so taking up with a sexy stranger named Nyx is the last thing she needs. Or, is it?


Nyx Wahpeton can’t stop thinking about the young woman he’s met. It couldn’t have come at the worse possible time with the clans meeting and his family wrapped up in a centuries old war that’s nothing short of what horror movies are made from. He’s been a protector of his people and those that reside at the Reservation. There’s betrayal and evil at his front door; but, in his heart he knows Ivy is the one for him. She’s surrounded by secrets that he’s vowed to unlock, as well as her heart. However, can he keep her safe from his own secrets?

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